AIR Jordan 1 (398)

Nike's first pair of basketball shoes named after Jordan, it is this pair of shoes, opened an era. The shape of the Air Jordan 1 is inspired by the Air Force 1 that was all the rage at the time. At the same time, the thickness of the midsole is reduced, the weight is reduced, the feeling of being on the ground is increased, and the Air Sole air cushion in the back palm is adopted; the most classic flying wing Logo comes from the then Nike creative director Peter Moore. As a revolutionary sneaker, Air Jordan 1 was once fined heavily for violating the league's uniform dress code at the time, but this ban also made Air Jordan 1 popular and was looted, leaving a good story, and the Air Jordan 1 "Chicago" Chicago white and red color matching is also an indispensable treasure for every bull lover, and it has opened the legendary prelude of Jordan Brand. At the same time, Michael Jordan wore the Air Jordan 1 in the NBA league and international competitions, made a brilliant appearance in the first All-Star Game, and won the honor of Rookie of the Year.
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