AIR Jordan 13 (10)

The actual inspiration for the Air Jordan 13 came from the fact that Jordan was always teased by other children as "Black Cat" when he was a child. This nickname hurt the young Jordan deeply. After the designer learned this story, he decided to inject the inspiration of the black cat into the upcoming Air Jordan 13 shoes (Jordan: I have an MMP to say). The unique feline appearance, as the only Jumpman Logo made by holographic imaging laser 3D technology, is called cat's eye by us. From different angles, it can emit different colors and luster, and present a 3D three-dimensional effect. The large white oval shape of the sole looks very claw-like from a distance. The innovative front and rear zoom air cushion design also provides unparalleled start and cushioning. And now that young "black cat" has also transformed into the invincible "Black Panther" on the court, becoming the greatest player in NBA history.

Jordan in the Air Jordan 13 period has achieved extraordinary achievements, whether it is leading the Bulls to a second three-peat, or breaking the record of "Skyhook" Kareem with 788 consecutive scoring double figures, these achievements can make the cultural significance of Air Jordan 13 in the Top notch in the entire Air Jordan lineup.