Air Jordan 6 (21)

The Air Jordan 6 is the sixth authentic basketball shoe in the Nike Jordan series, and it is also the basketball shoe Jordan wore when he won the NBA championship for the first time. Among them, the most classic ones are the black and red color matching and the cherry tree flower road color matching. Led the Bulls to defeat the bad boys-Detroit Pistons, met the Los Angeles Lakers led by "Magic" Johnson of the West Coast in the finals, and won four games in a row to win the championship with the first loss. A whole new moment in your career. Air Jordan 6 is Jordan's first pair of NBA champion shoes. The midsole also continues the visible AirSole air cushion used in previous generations of products, but Air Jordan6 has a very beautiful design style. There is a very dazzling and beautiful Jumpman Logo in the center of the tongue. Coupled with the innovative shape of the shoe, it looks very delicate. At the same time, AJ6 also continued the design of AJ5's plastic shoelace elastic buckle. You must know that this design was very popular at that time, and it was almost the "ruler" for measuring the quality of sports shoes in the eyes of most people at that time. Tiner has improved the design of the plastic shoelace elastic buckle used in the Air Jordan 5, making it smaller, which can easily fasten the shoelaces, and also plays a good decorative role.
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