DUNK SB (250)


Nike Dunk is a line of basketball shoes first introduced by Nike in 1985. The design of the Nike Dunk was based on the Nike Terminator, a popular basketball shoe from the early 1980s. The Nike Dunk was originally designed for college basketball teams and was later adopted by skateboarders and sneakerheads.

The Nike Dunk features a high-top design with a padded collar and tongue for comfort and support during basketball games. The shoe is made with durable materials such as leather, suede, and synthetic fabrics. It also features a thick rubber outsole for traction and grip on the court.

In recent years, the Nike Dunk has become a popular fashion shoe, particularly among sneaker collectors and enthusiasts. Nike has released various limited-edition versions of the Nike Dunk, including collaborations with other brands and designers. These collaborations have made the Nike Dunk a highly sought-after and collectible shoe.

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