MS BATCH Bad Bunny Forum (7)


The Adidas Bad Bunny Forum is a collaboration between the sportswear brand Adidas and the Puerto Rican Latin trap artist Bad Bunny. The shoe was released in March 2021 and is based on the classic Adidas Forum basketball shoe.
The Adidas Bad Bunny Forum features a leather upper with suede overlays and a signature "Triple White" colorway. It also includes several unique design elements, such as a removable hook-and-loop strap that can be worn across the top of the shoe or around the heel.
Other features of the shoe include a chunky midsole with an EVA insert for added cushioning and a rubber outsole with a herringbone pattern for traction. The shoe also has several Bad Bunny-inspired details, such as a graphic of his eye on the tongue and a custom logo on the heel.
The Adidas Bad Bunny Forum was a highly anticipated release and was well-received by sneaker enthusiasts and Bad Bunny fans alike. The shoe quickly sold out upon its release and has since become a sought-after item among collectors.
MaySneakers, a replica manufacturer known for its high cost performance, copied the Adidas Bad Buuny Forum series and named it MS Batch Bad Buuny Forum.