PK God Jordan 1 (207)


The Air Jordan 1 is a classic basketball sneaker originally released in 1985 by Nike in collaboration with Michael Jordan. The sneaker features a high-top design with a leather upper and Nike's iconic "Swoosh" logo on the sides. The Air Jordan 1 is available in a variety of colorways and has become a cultural icon beyond the basketball court, with a large following in the sneakerhead and streetwear communities. The sneaker continues to be released in new colorways and collaborations with various designers and artists, and remains a highly coveted sneaker among collectors and enthusiasts.

The replica sneaker manufacturer "PK God", known for its high quality, copied the Air Jordan 1 series and named it PK God Air Jordan 1. All the materials used are consistent with the original factory, and the quality is 1:1, which is the first choice for Air Jordan 1 lovers.

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