Sigh! Are high-top basketball shoes really going to retire from the stage of history?

The NBA preseason is in full swing recently, and the new season is less than two weeks away.

Sneakers have become a hot topic again, and the recently launched LeBron 20 is very popular with the stars.

The LeBron series is the longest iteration of the signature shoe series besides the Jordan Air Jordan series.

The new LeBron 20 is designed with a low-top shoe. In addition to adapting to James' game needs, does it mean that the era of high-top shoes is coming to an end?

01.What are high-top basketball shoes?

Many people will definitely ask: Air Jordan 37 is a high-top shoe, how can it be said that there are no high-top basketball shoes?
From the Air Jordan 36 to the Air Jordan 37, the upper is upgraded from Leno-weave material to Arkema yarn.

Air Jordan 37 introduced the Huarache concept in the support area, and the lightweight design goal greatly weakened the original role of the upper height.

Thirty years ago, when the Huarache concept was applied, Air Jordan 7 weakened the role of the upper; around 2000, basketball shoes of various brands tended to be mid-top shoes.


02. High Gang has better protection from being overthrown

Many years ago, the Converse canvas shoes worn by NBA players were designed with an ultra-low cut.
With the globalization of the NBA in the 1980s, many emerging brands, including Nike, entered the basketball shoe market, and high-top basketball shoes dominated.

The advancement and commercialization of basketball has contributed to preconceived inertial thinking; the emergence of high-top basketball shoes is precisely because of better protection, which will serve higher-intensity games.

For ordinary basketball enthusiasts, you may think that high-top sneakers are better at avoiding sprained feet.
Waist foot refers to the injury caused by overstretching or tearing of the ligaments of the ankle joint.
The height of the upper is only one of many factors affecting the protection of a sneaker, and it does not play a decisive role.

Perhaps the direct feeling of some friends is that high-top basketball shoes are more protective than low-top basketball shoes.

03.Changes in basketball styles drive a revolution in basketball shoes

Fans of 10 years ago wouldn't have imagined that switching 3-pointers would be a big part of the game 10 years from now.
The number of rounds has increased, the pace of the game has increased, more quick transitions have replaced positional confrontation, and the average distance a player has run has increased.

The data feedback provided by the players on the court has promoted the design changes of sports brands in the field of basketball shoes.

The stable high-top basketball shoes of the last century are difficult to meet the needs of today's basketball games.

With changes in basketball styles, athletes' training is also being adjusted; strengthening cardiopulmonary training to prepare for a lot of running on the court.

Although high-top basketball shoes are no longer dominant, there should be advanced conceptual designs of super-high tops such as Air Jordan 28 and KD 8 Elite in the future.

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